An elite platform

AIBF prides itself in being able to secure an elite platform for investors, professionals and businesspeople the world over. Our expertise in each of our respective fields is unparalleled – as is our understanding of Africa’s needs and opportunities.

Constructive networking

All of our members as well as the founders and the advisory committee have been brought together by their ability and desire to enhance trade, development and commerce in Africa. You will be joining a group of like-minded people who can make things happen.

Education and training

Our education and training programmes are built around your entrepreneurial needs, by people who are experts in what they do. Accessing this invaluable resource of knowledge will prime our members for approaching African markets and cultivating long-lasting business relationships.


The ways in which AIBF furthers international relations depend on putting the right people together, providing them with reliable consultancy services for their business endeavours. As part of this forum, you will share into the know-how of some of the world’s best seasoned capitalists.